Brian and Kalynn Brill bought and renovated the old Wayne Theater in Bicknell, Utah in the fall of 2015 and renamed it The Bicknell Theater. After three months of long hard work, they opened the doors on December 25th. The addition of Reel Bites Café has made the movie house a real success.


In the spring of 2017, they heard that the Gem theater in Panguitch, Utah had gone up for sale. Knowing what a success the movie house was in their home town, they figured the distance was worth the time and effort to make another go of it and get the Gem up and running again, along with another Reel Bites Café. They felt that having done this before, they could tackle it again and make it work.


So, after two months of back and forth work, along with running The Bicknell Theater and Brian’s Git Er’ Done yard care and handyman business, somehow the remodeling got done. The doors to the newly remodeled Panguitch GEM Theater opened Friday, July 14th, 2017. They have local managers and employees to run the theater in Panguitch while they take care of their businesses at home in Bicknell. Without a doubt, the Panguitch GEM Theater and Reel Bites Café will be just as successful as their first venture for years to come.


A previous STORY

In 2011 Mark and Heather Childs from Las Vegas bought the theater and saved it from certain ruin. There had been a fire in the early 1980's that almost completely gutted the place and totally collapsed the roof. So, the work done was very extensive to revive it to a beautiful working theater with an ice cream parlor in the lobby. What a Great job! See photos below.


The theater ownership then changed hands and the venue of the front lobby went through changes and then closed until 2017, when the current owners, Brian and Kalynn Brill, bought it and made a few changes of their own. The front lobby is now the home of the Reel Bites Cafe and the upstairs loft offers Foosball and Air Hockey for entertainment as well as a digital projector for a full movie experience.

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going back in History

If you want to know more about the earlier history of the theater, the GEM has quite a story to tell! Click HERE to read the history and see many newspaper articles dating back to the 1920’s.



105 North Main Street, Panguitch, Utah